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Settling an estate in Massachusetts via the probate courts can be an overwhelming job for those left behind. You have the house(s), personal property, intangible assets and so much more to account for pass on or liquidate. 

The vast majority of the people involved in the probate process have to deal with all of this in what is undoubtedly a very emotional time in their lives. They can be confused about the actual probate process and all of the tasks involved with settling the estate.

When the personal representative  works with a professional probate house buyer to buy the estate’s house the heirs are genuinely happy that they were offered solutions to their particular problems rather than just letting anyone into their late loved ones home.  Probate house buyers provide a valuable service to the executors ( personal representative ) and family members.

Here are 7 Common Roadblocks Professional Probate House Buyers Can Remove

1. Sellers are often perplexed by the legal aspects of settling an estate, and they usually have no idea that a professional probate house buyer can help them navigate this process. The closing attorney is one of the most valuable members of the team.  Once the house is under contract, their office will run the title and determine if everything is in order to close the sale of the house. If not, the professional probate house buyer will know exactly what must be done early on; to close.

2. Most Executors and Personal Representatives don’t know  exactly when they are able to sell the house. Believe it or not a personal representative can enter into an agreement to sell the estate’s property subject to the court providing the personal representative the power to sell. This can be done immediately with an experience probate house buyer.

3. Family members may take months and months sorting through paperwork, photographs and other personal items looking for things of importance. One day they look up and realize that they haven’t actually made any progress cleaning out the interior and exterior of the house and they get discouraged.

4. The people settling the estate are often embarrassed by the appearance and condition of the property, and they hesitate to call a broker for this reason. In these cases they will often put off doing anything.  However it is important to realize that professional probate buyers do not care about how the property looks, smells, or what work needs to be done. They are here to make the buying process easier.

5. When they are nearing the end of the probate process and the seller’s still have a mess, they often lock the door and walk away. You know the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”. They just can’t face having to finish the job of cleaning out the house. This is one of the most common problems you will find in probates and one of the easiest to solve. A professional buyer can help.

6. The personal representative may have no idea that probate buyers can take care of liens, back taxes, house payments that are in arrears and other types of issues like these. Once the Executor (personal representative ) understands that these costs can be rolled into the closing, this is one more roadblock that a professional probate buyer can remove.

7. Executors and Personal Representatives that are trying to save money with the probate attorney and do most of the work themselves, often miss one of the things that need to be done before the estate can be settled.

Professional Probate House buyers are in the Problem Solving Business

Whatever it is that is holding the seller up; preventing them from selling the property, that is the problem that can be  solved.

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