We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Highland View Realty.

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Hi, my name is Rachel. I had a positive experience working with Richard at Highlandview Realty this past year. He was professional, concise, and knowledgeable. I have owned and sold two homes in the past and never worked directly with the person buying the home. There was always an agent involved. It was nice working with a professional buyer who understands the process inside and out. I had to recently sell my fathers house which was in complete disarray. I knew not many people would want it like it was and I didn’t have time to deal with it. Richard was very transparent with how he arrived at the offer for my father’s house, he showed me all the numbers. – Rachel – Haverhill Ma.

Highland View Realty Sold my House

Hi, My name is April and I am from Woburn Mass. I wanted to write a quick review of my experience with Highland view Realty. They were very professional and dependable. My the house I had bought 2 years ago was not in very good condition. There were many issues with it I was unable to deal with during my ownership. Richard at Highland View Realty said that would not be an issue. The nice thing about working with a professional real estate buyer is you know exactly what you are getting. There is no middle man. Richard did offer to sell my house on the open market if I wanted to do that however, most buyers and their lenders would require me to fix all the problems with the house, which I could not afford to do. I would highly recommend working with Highland View Realty.

- April

Highland View Realty Helped Me Earn More Money

I drive for Uber part time and wanted to find more work when I stumbled upon an interesting way to make more money every month just by driving around and meeting new people. I met Richard at Highland View Realty and he told me how I could “bird dog” for his real estate firm. I didn’t need a license, a degree or anything in particular except a keen eye and the willingness to try something new. Richard explained how I could make up to $1500.00 every time I found a property and an owner willing to sell. It is easy to do and fun meeting new people.


When I was growing up I never really knew what my parents did for a living. It seemed like my dad and my mom were always working and had all sorts of different jobs. It wasn’t until I was older I realized my parents owned several businesses and about 10 different pieces of real estate. Upon their passing some of the property was in a trust and some of it was not. At this time my siblings and I lived many states apart but had to settle our parents estate. I began searching for probate help and was fortunate to find Richard at Highland View Realty. He operates a professional real estate company not to far from some of my parents property. Richard gave me many options and information on how to proceed with real estate my parents owned. He also had many professional referrals that could help me with cleaning, storage, and legal services. I would highly recommend Richard at Highland View Realty to help you sell residential or commercial real estate.

- Shelly


My parents passed without a written will and never did any estate planning. I would have never known how important it was to plan for your own passing until I had to deal with the Massachusetts Probate legal process. I had no idea there were so many things one could do to avoid probate all together. Anyways I received a letter one day from Richard Hupper at Highlandview Realty, introducing himself and letting me know he was a resource moving forward with the estate proceedings. He provided me with so much detailed information about the process and had an excellent attorney referral. Not having a written will and several other siblings, did complicate the legal proceedings but it was great knowing I already had a buyer for my parent’s real estate.

- Bethany

Many thanks to an incredible company, Highlandview Realty. Rich the owner helped me tremendously with a commercial building I had received from my father. I had paid taxes on it for years but never did anything with it. Finally after much procrastination I decided I needed to sell it because after speaking with many contractors it would cost too much money to repair. Rich walked me through all my options. Little did I know I did not technically own the property yet. I had to probate my father’s estate before I could sell it. Rich had a great probate attorney who expedited the process. Selling to a professional buyer made the process very very stress free. Thank you Rich!

- Thanh
Highland View Realty Bought My House FAST

I recently was appointed the personal representative of my sister’s estate. I did not know much about the process but Rich at Highland View Realty helped me with the entire process. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and patient with the entire process. I didn’t realize how much stuff my sister had stored in her basement and attic but slowly we weeded through all the belongings and I found some family heirlooms I am so happy I found. Rich referred me to a great probate attorney in Lowell that took care of all the legal paper work. In situations like where my sisters property was so old and cluttered it was great working with a professional home buyer like Rich! Thank you again!

- Emily

Probate, I had never heard of it before until my parents passed a few years ago after living in Lowell Mass most of their lives. My younger brother stayed at my parents house for a year before I had a heart to heart with him and said we needed to sell it. After a few more months of stalling all of a sudden my brother wanted to sell immediately. He found a professional home buyer Rich, at Highlandview realty who made the process very easy. I thought automatically my brother and I could sell the house to whoever we wanted because all we had was each other after our parents died. However in Massachusetts this is not the case. A whole multitude of legal proceedings and paperwork must be finished in order for us to sell it. Thankfully Rich had several Probate attorneys he referred us to. After the attorney helped us gain the ability to sell, Rich was ready with a cash offer to purchase the property. We didn’t even have to spend any money fixing the house up or showing it to random people!

- Michelle Anderson

“I am not a big yelper or review crazy person, however after working with Rich at Highlandview Realty, I did feel compelled to let others know about my experience. My parents had a sizable mortgage on their property that I could not afford to pay after they passed. I needed to get rid of the house quickly and that is where Rich came in. He gave me a fair offer for my parent house. And he was able to close so quickly. He even paid for the pod where I wanted to store some family heirlooms. It was a big help working with a professional home buyer who also goes above and beyond to make the process easy for the seller.”

- Lina Patel

“I was living in LA at the time I got the news from my brother that our father had passed. My dad and I had not seen each other for months since I had moved to LA. It was the worst phone call of my life. After a few months of dealing with bills, paperwork, and trying to find the will, my brother and I decided to reach out to a professional to help us order the affairs of my dad’s estate. We found Rich at Highlandview Realty who was extremely knowledgeable about real estate and Massachusett’s probate law. My father did not have a will but Rich knew a great probate attorney that could handle a situation like ours properly. Rich not only provided us with a great attorney he also provided us with other professional referrals to deal with the clean out of the house, and sale of personal property. Rich bought the real estate from us for a fair price. It was a quick closing once everything was settled in the probate court. Settling my dad’s estate professionally and easily really helped with the emotional upheaval during that time.”

- -Shireen Landry